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Proud to be British

With the new £10 note coming into circulation next month, we are proud to say we were a vital part of it coming into production (and its predecessor, the £5 note).  A five-figure deal secured the future production of the latest bank note to be released by the Bank of England.

So how did we contribute? We were called upon for our thermodynamic expertise, to manufacture specialized heaters that form part of the production line, which were vital for the creation of the polymer notes.

British £10 notes.

What’s so special about the new £10 note? Well, firstly Jane Austen will be the new face, she is the first female author to appear on English currency, and its release marks the 200th anniversary of her death.

The note is also designed to help blind or partially sighted people with raised dots in the top left hand corner. It is cleaner, safer and stronger than paper notes and provides enhanced counterfeit resilience with numerous security features in place.  Go to www.thenewten.co.uk to learn more about the note and Jane’s legacy.

Check out our website for more information about what we can do: www.lpc-components.com


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